Opportunities of Study in Japan  

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for 2018 (Research Student) NEW!


The Government of Japan is considering the possibility of offering a scholarship to an Albanian graduate student for the academic years 2018-2020.


Application form, and other required documentation
Here follows the application form and other required documentation. Please, read carefully the Application Guidelines and prepare the documentation listed under item 10 "Application Procedure", which must be sent to the Embassy of Japan as explained below:

募集要項 (Application Guidelines in Japanese)
Application Guidelines
Application Form
Placement Preference Form
Field of Study and Study Program
Recommendation Form
Certificate of Health


The applications should be reached at the Embassy of Japan in Albania by June 23rd 2017.


The documents should be submitted to the following address:

Embassy of Japan in Albania (Cultural Section)
P.O.Box 1744,
Kodi Postar 1016
Tirana, Albania


Or the application documents can be brought directly to the Embassy of Japan at

Rruga e Kavajes Nd 50, H 1, Tirana

between 8:30-17:15 on weekdays. It should be clearly written on the envelope “Attn: Culture Section”.


The Embassy will select preliminary candidates by means of a review of the submitted documents, thereafter, a written examination of Japanese and English language and an interview will be held as follows:

Date: July 10th (monday)
Place: Embassy of Japan in Albania
More details will be communicated to the applicants.

Past examinations for Applicants can be downloaded at the following link:

FAQs about MEXT Scholarship and study in Japan

FAQs about MEXT scholarship (click to download)

For information and application forms please contact the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Japan in Albania: tel. +355 4 454 7930 or e-mail: embassy@av.mofa.go.jp.