Opportunities of Study in Japan

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for 2019 (Research Student)


The Government of Japan is considering the possibility of offering a scholarship to a Maltese graduate student for the academic years 2019-2021.

Application form, and other required documentation

Please, read carefully the Application Guidelines at the following link:


and prepare the documents listed under the item item 10 "Application Procedure" (Application Form, and other forms can be downloaded from the above link)

The documents for the application should be submitted to the Cultural section, Embassy of Japan in Italy by June 22nd 2018.

Here follows our address:

Ufficio Culturale
Ambasciata del Giappone in Italia
via Quintino Sella, 60
00187 - Rome

The Embassy will select preliminary candidates by means of a review of the submitted documents, thereafter, by a written examination of Japanese and English language and an interview (which will be held in July - date do be decided).
Past examinations for Applicants can be downloaded at the following link:


For further information, qualifications and procedure of selection, etc., please read the Application Guidelines (see above)

For information and application forms please contact the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Japan in Italy: tel. +39.0648799.1 or e-mail: culturale@ro.mofa.go.jp .


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