MEXT Scholarships: Research Students (2021-23) for Maltese Citizens - Application Deadline: 17/07/2020

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) is considering the possibility of offering a scholarship to a Maltese graduate student (must be graduated before the departure for Japan, not during the application procedure; must be born after April 1st, 1986) starting from 2021.

Please, note that depending on the situation of novel coronavirus infections, the following dates are subject to change (also, the application procedure could even be canceled).
Please, read carefully the Application Guidelines at the following link:
and prepare the documents listed under the item 9 "Application Documents" (Application Form, and other forms can be downloaded from the above link). The documents should be sent  by July 17, 2020, 8.00 a.m. (Italian time) via e-mail to
The title of the e-mail should be “Research Students 2021 – Application”; the content of the e-mail should contain name and surname, title and field of the research proposal, and also the Weighted Average Mark. The e-mail must be sent by the same e-mail address provided in the Application Form.
Please note that the attachment size limit is 10 MB (you should receive an error message in return); if the documentation is received correctly, you should receive an e-mail from the Embassy after some days. If you don’t receive it, please send an e-mail to, or telephone to +39-06-487-991.

The Embassy will select preliminary candidates by means of a review of the submitted documents, thereafter, by a First Screening, which is composed of a written test of Japanese and English language and an interview (which will be held in Malta in the first half of September 2020 - date and place to be decided).
Past examinations for Applicants can be downloaded at the following link:
Applicants who have passed the First Screening will receive notification via e-mail, along with a Passing Certificate of the Primary Screening and a copy of the documents submitted by the applicants stamped by the Embassy. These documents are necessary to contact the Japanese Universities.
Applicants must contact, starting from October 2020, the Japanese Universities to request a Letter of Provisional Acceptance by November 20, 2020, Japanese time (please, read carefully the Application Guidelines, pp. 7-8). The Letters of Acceptance you’ll eventually receive from the Japanese Universities will have to be sent to the Embassy of Japan.

Here follow some useful links to search for a suitable Japanese University:
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Study in Japan
Japan Study Support (JPPS)
From February 2021, MEXT will carry on the Second Screening to select the applicants as MEXT Scholarship Students; in June 2021, the Embassy will inform the applicants of the results of selection and will inform them of the University placement.

Scholarship grantees will be informed of the flight details and date of arrival to Japan via e-mail; they'll be invited to come to the Embasy of Japan in Italy to request the Visa. The departure for Japan should be on September/October 2021, at a date decided by the Japanese University.

For further information, qualifications and conditions, the terms of the scholarship and other details, please read the Application Guidelines (see above)

For any inquiries or questions regarding the scholarship, please contact the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Japan in Italy:
tel. +39-06-487-991